Monday, October 28, 2019

#Post 6 - Sunny's Studio

My love of photography takes me to many amazing places. One of them is Sunny's Studio. 

There we find several blackdorps with creative poses in various themes and styles.

And we always have contests to inspire us!


Sunny's Studio

#Post 5 - SL INK Lovers

SL Ink Lovers

PentaSkull by LP Handmade Tatoo

 Zebra by carol G Tatoo 

 Garuda by Carol G Tatoo 

Sketch male by Carol G tatoo

Dekolte flowers by LP handmade Tatoo

Yggdrasil Wings by Leana Payne handmade Tatoo

#Post 4 - BoD

Sexy and dark style you find at BoD. I found paradise.

Do you want to prove it?

 Oops! I made a mess.

 Dreaming of the stars

Hot as hell

Second life LM

Sunday, October 20, 2019

#Post 3 - Necrosis Event

The time is running out until 31st October. 

Come and get to know the dark side of Second Life. With 50% off find brands like ...

And more...

Come and see for yourself ...

Bodysuit by OOPS

#Post 2 - A walk through the SL - Whispering Pines

Whispering Pines is an amazing place with its fog and suspenseful atmosphere. 

A picturesque village you find in Second life. I love walking between their houses, and enjoying the river. Not to mention talking about the houses around the swamp and the chapel near the cemetery.

A great backdrop for your photos and more...

 There we find Necrosis Event.

#Post 1 - A walk through the SL - Luanes World

         Have you looked around today? We live in a confused world, but there is beauty in it. I love to travel and photograph everything I see. I was born listening to my father's camera click. This sound goes on with me 43 years later in the real world or in my virtual ....

Luanes World is a wonderful place in Second Life to shop, for poses and photograph. Know this place you too.

#Post 51 - Stay with us at Necrosis Event and Be safe, Stay at home!!!

Necrosis Event March 27th - April 12th After Midnight Fashion Angelic Designs Beauty of Darkness Dark Passions Father ...